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Explore security cameras and security CCTV systems for you home and business security projects! We offer Dahua, Hikvision, Milesight and Ubiquiti products, meticulously crafted for surveillance savvy customers. Protect your property with our range of value-focused and professional security cameras paired with a 4K AI-enabled CCTV NVR, equipped with customisable video storage capacity. Ensure peace of mind with our advanced surveillance solution. Best deals await!


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We're eager to assist you in choosing the right home security system hardware for your needs or those of your clients. Partner with us to achieve the highest quality and desired outcomes!

Shop confidently for advanced home security cameras and cctv systems like Dahua CCTV Systems, Hikvision Security Cameras, and Milesight CCTV Systems that will consistently perform 24/7. You can rest assured that when you buy from us, you'll be getting the latest security surveillance technology, network IP cameras, up-to-date software, and trustworthy post-sales technical support. Our commitment to excellence ensures you get the best value-for-money security solution for your home or business. Elevate your security system performance with us, where best products meet unbeatable prices!


Security Assured: NDAA Approved Hardware and Software.

NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) compliance for security cameras is of paramount importance. Surveillance cameras and Network Video Recorders that adhere to NDAA regulations signify a commitment to ensuring the integrity, security, and confidentiality of sensitive data captured by these devices.

By choosing NDAA-compliant solutions, organizations can enhance their security posture, mitigate risks, and align with global standards for the protection of critical assets and information.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing the right CCTV system can be tricky, and the first challenge is figuring out exactly what you need. To get the most out of your IP CCTV for safeguarding your home or business, it's crucial to understand your security requirements. The best way to do this is through a friendly chat with our qualified and licensed security expert who can conduct a risk assessment. This assessment helps you pinpoint the specific security features that matter most to you, allowing you to pick components that align perfectly with your goals. We're fortunate to have an in-house specialist ready to provide these services. That said, we also trust that you, as a customer, have a good sense of the security situation at your location and can easily identify the basic CCTV necessities.

Embrace the future of surveillance with IP CCTV, leaving traditional Analog CCTV in the rear-view. Considering durability, return on investment, enhanced flexibility, superior performance, and a hassle-free installation process? Look no further!

The Internet Protocol (IP) cameras operate in the same way as your computer when connected to a data network. Each camera will have a unique IP address assigned either statically or dynamically by the Network Video Recorder to which it is connected or by the local router running the automatic IP address assignment protocol (DHCP). The cameras do the heavy lifting by encoding and compressing video into H.265 and H.265+, transforming it into smart IP data for smooth transmission via wired or wireless networks.

These cameras can directly connect to a Network Video Recorder (NVR) through a Power over Ethernet data port or via external PoE switch. The NVR captures this video data, converts it into a standard format, and records it on a hard drive, similar to your computer's system. Accessing this footage is a breeze – you can do it locally or through a web browser on your PC or smartphone, using the free application provided by the camera's manufacturer

The duration of retention time (measured in days) establishes the period for which video content can be stored on the hard drive before overwriting, subject to configuration. You decide how long it keeps the footage before making room for new ones.

The NVR connects to the internet through a WAN port linked to your Telco modem, becoming a gateway to the Internet. This connectivity is required for popular CCTV remote view and alerts. Even if the app is offline, rest assured, your CCTV system is always on duty, recording evidence.

The video data retention on the HDD and other key parameters can be configured either by an installer or the client. We are pleased to offer startup guidance over the phone and provide vendor-specific documentation. Most of the devices we supply come with pre-configured settings for plug-and-play deployment. We encourage our clients to review all settings, including image quality and video content analytics, and adjust parameters according to their specific requirements. Optimization of resolution, frame rate, and recording mode is easily achievable through a graphical interface. If you encounter any issues, feel free to give us a call!

Nowadays, the IP cameras make use of highly sensitive video sensors embedded in the processing electronic chips. Sensitivity, measured in Lux, is detailed in the technical specification documents available for cameras in our store. Generally, IP cameras demonstrate superior performance in well-lit areas during the night. Depending on the camera model, sensitivity can range from 0.01 to 0.0005 Lux. A lower Lux value indicates a better ability to capture minimal available light, sufficient to record video in for the purpose of surveillance. Despite this, infrared supplement lighting remains necessary for operations during dark hours. Some cameras come equipped with warm-light LEDs, and when combined with infrared, they offer enhanced imagery.

Choosing a camera based solely on the maximum distance an infrared emitter can reach is not recommended. The optimal results are achieved through a combination of camera resolution, recording frame rate, a size of the CMOS video chip, maximum illuminate distance, and the lowest Lux. Manufacturers often exaggerate camera specifications, so we advise thorough research, including watching videos and reading reviews, before making a purchasing decision. In certain scenarios, it may be beneficial to consider adding infrared lighting hardware for clearer video monitoring. We are here to help you find a suitable product.

Most NVRs and cameras possess the capability for hardwired interlinking with diverse external security and safety devices to receive event triggers for video activation, authorization, and be supplemental to the access control systems. Video Content Analytics (VCA) is also widely used for dynamically analyzing the scene and triggering various actions and alerts. Our product range consistently incorporates advanced automated surveillance methods such as intrusion detection, motion detection and recording, region of interest detection, tamper detection, face recognition, and object tracking. The AI-enabled cameras and NVRs represent a significant leap in the realm of surveillance technology. By integrating artificial intelligence into security systems, these devices elevate automation, authority, content evaluation, and decision-making capabilities to new heights.

The NVR collects multiple streams of IP data from various cameras and records it on the internal surveillance hard drive. Additionally, the content can be automatically offloaded to long-term storage in the cloud, streamed to interstate customer remote servers, or transmitted to a 24/7 Class 1 monitoring bureau. We offer all above services!

The IP CCTV systems intended for monitoring people and property should be sourced exclusively from local, reputable security industry businesses that are verifiable, contactable, and have established partnerships with official Australian distributors. This precautionary measure helps avoid the acquisition of grey market and counterfeit security goods. It is highly advantageous for customers if the seller is a security-licensed professional, possessing experience as a current or former installation practitioner with a deep understanding of the technology at hand. We offer that capability!

A inferior security CCTV system is a real source of concern because there is no guarantee that it is mechanically and electrically safe, secure (not compromised), adhere to Australian standards, and can deliver performance as stated in the engineering specifications. Clients often share stories about purchasing inexpensive CCTV hardware from overseas or local traders, only to discover that the systems are unserviceable, lack support, and are impossible to upgrade firmware— an essential requirement for maintaining a bug-free and supported system.

Recognizing the importance of product authenticity, global vendors employ unique serial numbers and other tracking mechanisms. To safeguard your interests, we may request confirmation of hardware serial numbers in the event of warranty claims. This ensures that the IP CCTV systems you invest in meet the necessary standards, are supported, and can be upgraded to maintain optimal functionality over time. We offer products with NDAA compliance for savvy buyers which ensures that surveillance security equipment meet rigorous standards set by the National Defense Authorization Act (USA). Benefits include enhanced security, trustworthiness, and suitability for sensitive installations, providing peace of mind and aligning with government regulations. Trust in NDAA compliance for peace of mind and a robust defense against potential threats!

At Security Cameras Online, we consistently cater to a variety of customer budgets. The guiding principle is to understand your system's goals and then explore combo kits or individual products by obtaining quotes, ensuring they align with your needs. We offer both affordable and slightly more expensive kits. A savvy customer, upon analyzing the technical specifications attached to each product, can comprehend why price tags significantly vary. Higher resolution, frames per second (fps) recording capability, 4K recording and playback, HDD storage, and cameras with vari-focal zoom and PTZ capabilities inherently drive up costs.

The significance of locally supplied and warranted products cannot be underestimated when considering cheap grey market or copies. It's common knowledge that the cost of managing repairs, replacements, and warranties is embedded in most legally sold products. Many buyers prioritize value for money over product reliability, longevity, and vendor support, and that's completely understandable. We respect that choice.

We suggest delving into the fine details of the total cost of ownership, encompassing hardware and installation costs, upgrades, scalability, and maintenance. Most non-expensive consumer-grade commodity CCTV products found in Australia tend to break within the first year of use or just after the warranty expiry date, often around 12 months. We don't sell such products. Our surveillance products come with a standard vendor warranty period of 3 years. The PTZ cameras are covered by a 2-year manufacturer warranty!


  • Reliability - consistent high performance, stable signal, excellent attainable data rates, withstand various harsh environment scenarios.
  • Consistent Power - data and power are carried over a single data cable using PoE technology.
  • Lower Cost - comparatively cheaper for the same features. Higher resolution and video Frame Per Second (fps).
  • AI and VCA - extensive video analytics and intelligent features.
  • Durable Construction - resilient against vandalism and weather conditions, crafted from high-quality metal alloys, and securely attached to the surface. Ensure a minimum rating of IP67 and IK10 for peace of mind.
  • Security - secure data transmission. Reduced cybersecurity risks.


  • Installation Complexity - Installing wired systems can be more complex and time-consuming, requiring the routing of cables through walls, ceilings, and other structures.
  • Cabling Damage - the exposed cables are susceptible to physical damage, such as cutting or vandalism.
  • Higher Upfront Costs - quality installation increase expenses associated with cable, installation, and potential professional services.
  • Challenges in Retrofitting - retrofitting a wired system into an existing structure can be challenging and may require modifications to the building, resulting in additional costs and disruptions.


  • Easy and Quick installation - generally lower cost, streamlined setup and some projects are only suitable for wireless cameras.
  • Mobility - transport CCTV systems and wearable cameras connected via 4G/5G are a good example of a specific need, e.g., police or military.
  • Adaptability - wireless systems can be set up quickly, reducing installation time and potential disruptions.


  • Interference - RF signal can be weakened by changes in the surrounding environment, causing slower data rates and packet
    drops that result in poor video quality or dropouts.
  • Cost vs. Resolution - the price rapidly increases with the increase in resolution capability.
  • Poor Materials - wireless consumer-grade cameras are commonly of the bullet type, made of
    plastic or low-grade alloy materials, and can be easily removed by an intruder.
  • Unsecure - prone to external RF signal eavesdropping hacks and cyber attacks.
  • Wiring - cabling is required for power, unless camera operates on batteries or solar power. Batteries require periodic replacement, incurring costs, and solar-powered cameras must have suitable location and space, which may not always be available where the surveillance is needed.
  • Limited Range - wireless systems may have a limited signal range, especially in larger properties or those with many walls and obstacles. Signal degradation can occur at greater distances.
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